The Company

The fine British Lifestyle
“It`s aw rawt: e`s a gentleman: look at his boots…” (Bernhard Shaw, Pygmalion) If you feel that the fine British lifestyle appeals to you; if you are among those who know what makes a difference in life; and more: if you know that this very difference constitutes the essence of life: then we believe we are the right people for you; at least when British footwear and classical British clothing are the issue.
More than just a shoe – macho style®
Spending good money on good shoes is a philosophy of life. In a world where everything is replaceable, anonymous, and a matter of moments, a hand-worked quality shoe sets the counterpoints for which we are yearning: quiet, reliability, integrity, and fair quality. No marketing strategy, no gag for just two months. Our shoes are as good as they appear, and you may recognise this from the first moment. They smell of leather, because they are made of leather, and they look hand-sewn because they are hand-sewn. A hand-made shoe is for people with personality. Anyone striving to get a firm foothold in his life needs the proper footgear. It is not astonishing under these aspects that our numerous, satisfied customers include many celebrities of art, business, and politics. Ours is the unique macho style®. The macho style® offers the quality that you will be able to make out even after many years. With proper care, a macho style®, hand-made and bench-made in England, mostly lasts a whole life long. Yours sincerely, F. Michael Macho